The Refuge

A refuge for a living.

Mont Blanc. We are in the historic Refuge that bears his name and looking around here, it means breathing with your eyes a natural heritage that fills life. Easily accessible by car in summer and with skis, ski lifts and snowmobile in winter. The management is new but carries on the ancient art of refuges.

Since 1925 the UGET Section of Turin traditionally organized every summer a large campsite in the Val Veny area, where important mountaineering figures of the time were often hosted. But, on the night of June 25, 1952, a fire spread from a cabin destroyed the camp's equipment.

It was in the name of this distant tradition that, the following year, the ruins of that burnt cabin were purchased by the UGET section of the Cai that rebuilt its structure. Thus was born the Monte Bianco Hut, inaugurated on July 16, 1953.

In the winter of 1971 the winter opening of the Refuge was successfully tested for the first time, the year in which the design and development of the Courmayeur ski area also coincides on the side of the Val Veny.

In 2004 rifugio Monte Bianco was one of the few in Italy to receive the ISO 14001 certification, a certificate assigned to the structures with a management system adequate to keep under control the environmental impacts of their activities, systematically seeking their improvement in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable way.

Since October 1, 2020 the management of the Refuge is in the hands of Alex Campedelli and Francesca Servadei. The conviction that the Monte Bianco Hut draws its strength from having gone through years of history in the mountains has led the couple to a renewal of the spaces, which has not transfigured its essence. The family supports a tourism that renews what it was, respecting the value of the time but looking to the future.

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